My Daughter, the Writer

For about two and a half decades, our daughter, Greta, has been an avid reader. As a teenager she would devour a 600 page novel faster than Buster (our dog) could eat a Milk Bone doggie biscuit.

Occasionally, she’d share a little something she’d written for a class project or to promote a worthy cause. The examples of her work thatwere always tightly written, witty, and flowed like a friendly conversation. Numerous times I encouraged her to take up writing and become a story teller. She would just roll her eyes and scoff. After all, what do parents know?

Finally, someone else asked her to write an article and it took her about 2 seconds to say yes. Today she became “published.”  Needless to say, Dad is very proud. Click on the title . . .

Rhinestones, Madness, and Resurrected Corpses: The Love Story of Tony & Susan Alamo

by Greta P. Allendorf

Greta P. Allendorf

13 thoughts on “My Daughter, the Writer

  1. Looks to me like Greta is going to give you a run for your money in the writing department Russell. That was an interesting story she wrote, and she did a good job.. Do you remember when the Alamo bunch would put flyers on your car windows at the Springdale Walmart, and the store would call the cops on them? Colorful bunch of brainwashed folks. Burley


  2. Great reporting, Greta. I think it must have been difficult to write with a straight face, but you did, leaving it up to us to crack the jokes. I hope you continue to tell us about the stranger things of death. Perhaps your Dad will let us know when you’ve something else out there. Keep up the good work.


    1. My kids always thought I had an IQ of 40, so I can’t blame them for taking advice from someone else. The important thing is that she did act upon it, write the article, and get published. In fact, she made it look easy. I’m both envious and proud. 🙂

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