Body of Evidence

My wife is one of those people who buys a gift for someone then can’t wait to give it to them. It’s like the item is a hot potato and burns a hole in her hands if she holds it too long. Fifteen minutes after arriving home with a present for a future occasion she’ll ask, “Do you think I should give it to them now?  They could start enjoying it right away.  It’s only two months until their birthday.”

This is a rhetorical question because she’s going to give it to them regardless of what I say. She’s not seeking an opinion, but rather an affirmation to further justify the early gifting. Then, when the appointed occasion does arrive, she’ll buy a second, smaller gift, “Just so they’ll have something to open.”

If you are new to Friday Flash Fiction, the noted philanthropist who can’t wait to post photo prompts three days early is Jean D. Rockefeller Wisoff-Fields. To learn how to participate in this weekly exercise in madness, head over to her blog for instructions. To rent a box in the FFF Hollywood Squares Authors Block click here.

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson


The receptionist led Detective Lowry to the conference room. He hated legal offices. Always too neat, too clean, too well decorated. Beneath the façade of flowers and Lemon Pledge lurked a seedy underbelly that made him want to puke.

The boxes angered him most. Tightly sealed and stacked to the ceiling, they contained tidbits of information held as evidence awaiting the right moment to convict and condemn. Just like his ex-wife.

The prosecutor sat across the table. “We let the mime go.”

“Why? You’ve got fingerprints, face-paint, and a confession.”

“Without the invisible box, we don’t have a case.”


61 thoughts on “Body of Evidence

  1. Hahahaha! Oh, yes, this sounds quite familiar to my eyes. Currying the favor of the Queen, no doubt, eh, Nave? She’ll love it!

    It’s interesting as to Connie’s approach to giving. Sometimes I will get that way about a gift, feeling it will burn a hole in my hands as well.

    Five out of five invisible men, women and mimes. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Kent. I can’t believe the mime is going to walk free. What’s her next caper, tying people up with an invisible rope? Has she invited you over to see her gallery of invisible art? Perhaps she’ll bring some with her to the August OWL meeting.


  2. Dear Detective Lowry,

    A mime can run (in place) and build (invisible) walls, but it’s tough to hide behind them. There’s a reason I don’t buy gifts too far in advance. I’d so the same as Connie. Can’t help myself they burn holes through the invisible wrapping paper.


    Jean D. Rockefeller W(T)F


    1. Dear JD Rockefeller W(T)F,

      Sometimes I wonder if the prosecutor wasn’t a closet mime himself. He seemed awfully quick to brush the case aside. I’m going to review the security videos and see who “borrowed” the invisible box from the evidence room.

      It ain’t over till it’s over,
      Detective Lowry

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  3. Fun! I’d forgotten about the invisible box and my mind harkened back to the prompt that truly was an invisible box until our fair fairy-blog-mother stuck something inside. Thanks for carrying the idea on. Love it.


  4. I liked your story mister G. Clever as always, but with sometimes a serious truthful tidbit can be found, like this line… they contained tidbits of information held as evidence awaiting the right moment to convict and condemn. Just like his ex-wife.

    And speaking of wives, your wife and I are cut from the same cloth, I can’t wait either, we’re the ones who make life fun.


  5. And so the saga continues. I’m counting on Detective Lowry to not give up. I liked that you added the scent of lemon Pledge it gave depth to the scene you had set.


  6. In case your wife’s interested, my birthday is in December. I’m open for gift reception from November onwards. Oh, and the story was good. You will remember to tell her…


    1. Connie has the first mistake I ever made filed away in her memory, and every one since.
      I’m not the one who gets the early gifts, but she did pick me up a couple of nice Hawaiian shirts at a garage sale this weekend.

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    1. Someone will stumble across the invisible box sooner or later. The mime better hope it’s not Lowry.

      I think all of us get itchy hands at times. We’re so proud of the gift we personally selected we can’t wait to see the joy on their face–or at least, we hope it’s joy.

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