Welcome to  Friday Flash Fiction.  This week’s offering should strike a chord with those of you living in the Razorback Nation.  Photo courtesy of Madison Woods   http://madisonwoods.wordpress.com/ be sure and leave a link to your story when you comment on this one.  Thanks for stopping by.

Hole to Hide in

Have you been caught in a scandal? Did you publicly embarrass your employer and bring disgrace upon your family? Are you the butt of every new joke on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube?
If so, Hidey Hole Inc. has just the place for you. Our secluded underground apartments provide the privacy to wallow in self-pity while you struggle to create a new life. Amenities include comfortable park benches for crying, praying, or sleeping, and waist-high steel rails to drape over when expelling cheap wine.
To tour one of our apartments, tap on the manhole cover in front of Van Winkle Tunnel.



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