Gone, But Not Forgotten

Is it just me, or does Christmas tend sneak up on you too? Seems like only yesterday it was 4th of July. Then we celebrated Labor Day, got all dressed up for Halloween before letting my belt out a few notches at Thanksgiving.  All the while, Christmas was just a distant day on the calendar, far in the future, like a planet in another solar system.

It’s the only holiday I know of that takes forever to get here, and then is over in a heartbeat. Twenty-four hours from now, most of us will be in an anticlimactic mode wondering how Christmas shifted into overdrive and left us behind faster than a jolly fat man propelled by eight supersonic reindeer.  Maybe they should change the name of that song to “The Twelve Seconds of Christmas.”

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copyright - Bjorn Rudberg
copyright – Bjorn Rudberg

HONNAH LEE – Puff the Magic Dragon lost his courageous battle with lung cancer yesterday. His passing came as a shock to long-time fans who believed the myth; a dragon lives forever.

According to sources close to the family, Puff’s health had been in decline for a numbers of years.

“He rarely went out to frolic in the autumn mist anymore,” said a family spokesperson. “The cool, damp air was just too hard on his lungs.”

“Puff will be remembered as an advocate for peace,” said former President Bill Clinton. “Puff and I hung out in the 60’s. We did some draggin’, but neither of us inhaled.”




51 thoughts on “Gone, But Not Forgotten

    1. Don’t forget Joe Cocker. The day he died I kept waiting for one of his songs on local radio. I didn’t happen. I was very disappointed. He had a way of making a song his own. I’ll never forget his duet with John Belushi on SNL.

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  1. Russell, Funny story. 😀 Poor Puff. Looks like he puffed a bit too much. I didn’t realize he frolicked farther than his cave or hung out with Bill Clinton. I don’t even want to know how many of my old classmates are gone. I prefer to think I too will physically live forever, although I know that can’t be. I seem to be falling apart already. That’s probably why I see my mother instead of me in the mirror these days. 🙂 Well written as always. 🙂 Suzanne


  2. Dear Puff,

    I know things were never the same for you after Jackie left and your scales fell off. As you know now, smoking wasn’t the answer. Say hello to Joe and Robin. Tell them I miss them.


    Judith Maccabee


  3. Russell, I too felt that Christmas ended in twelve seconds. What happened? It is a bit of let down the next day. Great mystical story with Puff. I also enjoyed Puff, but I didn’t he was a friend of Bill’s. Funny story!


  4. Dear Russell,

    You’ve tapped the memory of many of us old-timers with this week’s story. I used to hate listening to that song because of the sad ending, but it takes its place with Sugar Mountain and others as a coming of age story. Very well written and evocative.




  5. Russell, I thought of Joe Cocker when I read your story, but did not think of Puff the Magic Dragon when I heard Joe Cocker had died – I’m glad you did. Delightful story, indeed. Happy New Year. Alicia


  6. Our Christmas went on a bit longer than yours. Most of our neighbours are Spanish or LAtin American and they celbrate (and how!) on 24th and 25th, overlapping with the Brits on 25th and 26th. Sorry to hear about Puff, though only the song was part of my younger days!


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