Finding Cinderella

Rachel Crofton stopped by last week. She’s been busy editing and adding bullet points to last year’s Black Friday Shopping Tips. I will be posting those points here a few days prior to Thanksgiving for those of you willing to risk life & limb to save a dollar-two-ninety-eight.

If you’re new to Friday Flash Fiction, the Trail Boss who herds these cats down the 100-word path is Rowdy Ronda Wisoff-Fields. If you’d like to participate in this exercise of madness, head over to her blog for step-by-step instructions. To view the FFF Hollywood Squares Authors Block click here.

copyright - C.E. Ayr
copyright – C.E. Ayr

Joan had planned to go Christmas shopping, but a torrential downpour of sunshine forced her to abandon that notion. Besides, what would she wear?

After throwing one of her favorite slippers at a candidate during a political rally, she was down to only twenty-two pairs of shoes, none of which seemed to coordinate well with her floral moo-moo and zebra-striped purse.

Today was Friday. Her boyfriend would be coming for dinner. He wasn’t much to look at, but had a great sense of humor. Sometimes they went bowling. Tonight, she just hoped to keep his mind out of the gutter.


44 thoughts on “Finding Cinderella

  1. Dear Wishbone

    Serving up more stewed bilge this week. Tasty, too. 😉

    Joan certainly is the fashion maven, isn’t she? I used to live next door to a woman who wore floral moo-moos. She had to have them made by Omar the Tent-Maker. A nice coordinating zebra-striped purse is sure to match any ensemble. Well done touch of crass that just went ahead and made my day.


    Rowdy Ronda

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    1. Dear Rowdy Ronda,

      Joan is ready to break out and start her own fashion line. It’s debuting in Bug Tussle. She looking for models. Are you interested?

      I’ll have her reserve a spot for you,


  2. Don’t ‘do’ Black Friday (well alright, sometimes from the comfort of my laptop & Jammie’s) but love the tent maker, shoe changer , laugh out loud posts!!! Thanks for the chuckle(s)


  3. With a girlfriend like Joan, her boyfriend would certainly need a sense of humor. She sounds like one-of- a-kind. With a floral moo-moo, can anyone see her shoes? Again hilarious and well done, Russell. The characters you’re populating the world with all seem to be one-of-a-kind types. 😀 — Suzanne

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  4. If Joan is into shoe flinging, I imagine her twenty+ pairs of shoes are all quite similar (hefty and with good aerodynamics). No wonder she had a difficult time matching a pair to her flashy mu-mu. Lots of shoes don’t mean you have variety. The shoes in my closet look depressingly similar. 😐 Purses, on the other hand (or arm) are quite a different matter. No two purses are ever alike–it’s in the Women’s Handbook (along with How to Confuse Men)!


  5. I hope she threw the shoe at Donald Trump. If she had thrown it at Dr. Ben Carson, he still wouldn’t have ducked yet. Her boyfriend sounds like me: not much to look at (that is, not much to look at now, because I WAS cute) but with a good sense of humor. Only thing is I can’t bowl!


    1. Yes, we’ve all heard how you WERE cute, but I think that was just your grandmother talking back when you were a toddler. I’m glad you picked up on the fact that I modeled the boyfriend after you. No one said you had to be good at bowling, just help her with her shoes.


  6. I wanted to comment on the shoe throwing, too, but Margaret beat me to it. This is the moment when Joan started to impress me. Then I had to look up moo moo, pictured it with a zebra purse and thought some polka dot slippers would fit nicely. Joan still impresses me, althought I admit i’m silently screaming inside, or at least my eyes do. Thanks for the good laugh.


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