The Waves of Our Lives

Have you ever noticed in those commercials for Viagra and Cialis how the narrator always says, “Ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex.” Well, I’ve never asked Dr. Bogomilov, but I imagine his response would be, “Vell, I guess you can try dat if you vant, but I tink you vill find it more pleasurable if you use a different organ.”

This leads me to the conclusion that somewhere in their twelve to fifteen years of medical school, physicians must required to take one of Dr. Kropotkin’s courses such as; Hospital Humor, Bedside Manner for Dummies, or The Human Funny Bone and How to Tickle it.

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copyright - Rochelle (aka Dr. Ruth) Wisoff-Fields
copyright – Rochelle (aka Dr. Ruth) Wisoff-Fields

Janet, must you go?

Yes, Roger. This feeling’s been building in me for a long time. I can’t put it off any longer.

But what if they try to stop you?

Then I’ll do what I have to. I’ve never been one to make waves, but this is something I must do. They’ve left me no choice.

But you could be arrested, thrown in jail. What would that prove?

Perhaps my sacrifice would open the door for someone else.

Janet, you are the most courageous woman I’ve ever met.

Don’t be so melodramatic, Roger. I’m just going to the restroom.

Yes, this is my take on the transgender bathroom snafu that has so many people’s bowels in turbulence. If Janet wants to stand at the urinal next to mine and relieve herself, I really don’t have a problem with it–just as long as she doesn’t point and laugh.

Last week, asumani offered me a 75% discount if I could go three weeks without writing about bodily functions. Looks like someone is due a full refund.


54 thoughts on “The Waves of Our Lives

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! When the sentence “must you go?” came up, I knew it. Game over.

    As for your introduction, I’d say this — Woody Allen said he asked his psychiatrist if sex was dirty and his psychiatrist told him, “Only if you’re doing it right.”

    Needless to say, in Dr. Ruth’s case, I’ll never see an onion ring the same way again.

    Where’s my refund?


  2. Dear Roger,

    I love where this prompt took you…leave it to you to see a seascape and potty thoughts. This is one of your deeper stories. Looking forward to setting you straight at the next OWL meeting. I’m pretty sure Notnek and I will be there and might shlepp Jan along for the ride. Just remember the words of the housekeeping staff at Honeysuckle Inn, “We aim to please, you aim, too, please.”


    Dr. Karola Ruth Siegel.


  3. Why, thank you Dr. Ruth. I thought I’d break away from my usual shallow, juvenile style and write something of true substance–even though that substance might be rather sticky.

    I’ve submitted this little piece to “As the Stomach Turns” in hopes they recognize talent when they see it and offer me a position in their stable of writers cranking out daily drama. If you’ve watched any of their programs you’ll notice they’re sorely missing great bathroom scenes. I can help rectify that situation. They can go directly from my scenes straight into the commercials for toilet tissue, hemorrhoid creams, laxatives. You can’t ask for more than that from a writer.

    Happy Memorial Day,


  4. it’s not really fair for women to experience long lines going to restrooms especially in public places. i think it’s high time to make all restrooms available for everybody regardless of sex. i guess we can’t be too prudish. if you have seen one, you’d seen them all anyway. 🙂


  5. One day we’ll look back at all this and laugh especially if someone remembers your stories, Russell. Both parts were hilarious. By the middle of the second part, I was laughing out loud. I keep wondering what the U.S. history books will say about this year. Well done. 😀 — Suzanne


    1. I guess it’ll be remembered as the year we wet our pants because we couldn’t decide where to go. Personally, I prefer to pee outdoors, or in the road if I’m listening to the Beatles.


    1. Yes, here in the good ol’ USA, we’re very modest and harbor a terrible fear that someone of the opposite sex might see our privates. The government is having a hard time figuring out which stall the transgender folks need to sit in.


  6. Russell, must you go?…this potty path? You couldn’t hold it in could you Russell? …even for a 75% discount?

    ha ha. Enjoyed it.

    On the serious side of this story – It can be disconcerting to have someone of another ‘gender’ in your ‘gender’ bathroom but ,as you say, as long as they don’t point and laugh it harms no one. I was in Janet’s position once and fed up of the wait line for the ladies room just went into the empty /unused men’s room. Did get some looks from the ladies in the line but I had to go and no one offered me a 75% discount 😉


      1. Doesn’t anyone remember “Allly McBeal”? They had a unisex bathroom. They got over it and continued using it (and having all sorts of discussions in it). What the hell is the big deal?


  7. So… I have one again left my mark (get it?) here and there in the comment section. Do hope you don’t mind, Mr. Gayer…
    As is so often the case, your preamble is a laugh in itself.
    Good of you to tackle a serious matter in such a light-hearted way!


    1. Exactly. I beginning to think potty humor is all I can write.

      As far as your heart goes, what about that blind, deaf, and dumb girl you were telling me about? What’s her name again . . . Rosy?


  8. I think they set you up for that, to make you pay back asumani. I smell a conspiracy. Hopefully that’s all, considering the bathroom humor. They’ve really made a big stink over that.


    1. Yes. Personally, I think we’re way to modest in this country. Gee, we’re not in there to compare genitals (that’s what the shower is for). We’re there to do our business and get out.

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