How many of you have started a diet and quit? Go ahead. Hold you hand up. Noboby’s gonna slap your chubby little fingers. You’re not the first to give in to the lust for food. It happens to all of us.

When I was younger, I might have felt a twinge of temptation toward the sins of the flesh. But now, I find myself assaulted by a greater demon. One who attacks my waistline. Instead of rolling down hill like a snowball headed for hell, I’m rolling like a donut headed for a cup of coffee.

If you are new to Friday Flash Fiction, our 100 word dietitian is Wendy McShortstuff Wisoff-Fields. To learn how to participate in this weekly exercise in madness, head over to her blog for instructions. To rent a booth in the FFF Hollywood Squares Authors Block click here.

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

He was not the kind of guy most women would find attractive. Short, dumpy, bald on top, with a nose that would make a Washington apple jealous.

His demeanor leaned toward the grumpy, mad at the world, self-proclaimed victim side. His expression, a permanent frown.

“How do you like your toast?” she asked.

“Black on both sides—and no butter!”

His life was an act. They both knew it.

Constantly on the road, her love wore thin as the gossamer lace of a spider’s web. After ten years, she tired of being his clown.

“Bozo, this relationship is toast.”



36 thoughts on “Toast

  1. A lot of great description in this piece, from the guy’s attributes and even the way he likes his toast to his wife’s waning love for him. A fun read, as always.


  2. I was going to say that was me except for the round nose that I ain’t got. And I’m not dumpy. Otherwise I’m very much like that guy except that I don’t carry around a horn that I talk with. But it turns out it’s actually YOU! Ya got the nose right there in the picture and as a clown I guess you’re wearing a fright wig to cover your bald head!

    Have a piece of toast.


  3. Dear Hapless Meal,

    What woman hasn’t dated a clown or two in the circus of life before finding Mr. Right? Alas, the years take their toll and Mr. Right often becomes Mr. Prince Not-so-Charming. As for the diets. Twoallbeefpattieslettucecheesespecialsaucepicklesonionsonasesameseedbunandsupersizethefries. Peace out.


    Wendy McShortstuff


    1. Dear Wendy McShortstuff,

      The 100 word diet can be challenging. Thanks for keeping us on track.
      As for the special sauce, I feel supersized. My chubby little fingers are twitching for a donut.

      Hapless Meal.


  4. Loved the hint of sadness in this story. Love dying slowly does not hurt less then a crash and burn. The sadness was nicely accented by the humor. Great writing.


  5. He’s no prize but we don’t know what she’s like. At least she gets to travel. Truthfully, did he disintegrate or was he always like that. Hilarious, good writing, Russell. Your post made me hungry for donuts. 😀 — Suzanne


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