A Tale of Two Sissies

I can really relate to this week’s photo. I’ve been called an ‘old buzzard,’ and told that I have ‘buzzard breath’ upon occasion. Experts say we don’t have buzzards in NW Arkansas, technically they are vultures. I’m not going to worry too much about it unless one’s picking my bones. My Dad used to say if you ate a lot of hot peppers they would eat you. It’s a good thing I had a dozen jalapenos before starting this story.  To read more stories, go to   http://madison-woods.com/  click on the Blog tab, and follow the links.

A Tale of Two Sissies

“Come on boys, eat your food.”

“Ah, Mom . . . .” Brian and Billy whined in unison. “Do we have to?”

“Your father works hard to feed us. You want to grow up big and strong like him, don’t you?”

“But it smells awful,” said Brian.

“And it taste raw—like it needs to ripen some more,” added Billy.

“There’s nothing wrong with this food,” said Mom. “You can’t go play until you finish your meal.”

“Why do we have the same thing every Friday?” Billy choked back the tears.

“Because Friday’s the day when most Fictioneers get run over by the prompt.”

23 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Sissies

  1. Oh, dear Russell ~ …'like it needs to ripen some more…' Hahaha…. Then you hit us with the last line. Gut splitting. What would FF's would be like without you and your humor. Hate to think of it…don't ever leave us.


  2. Hi Russell,Did you know Friday Fictioneers taste just like chicken? Tyson's chicken, that has been left in a mayonaise jar on Funk and Wagnalls front porch for two days in July. But don't complain, there are kids in China who would love to be eating a Fictioneer!Ron


  3. Dear Russell,The kids can eat my lawyer if they can find their way to The Big Apple. Tell 'em to follow their nose and as Mick Jagger said, "Don't mind the maggots."This was a story with a sweet (sickly so) ending. I refuse to be run over by the prompts and neither do you, because this weeks story was another choice gobbet from you.Aloha,DougFor others not willing to finish their suppers— http://ironwoodwind.wordpress.com/2012/07/13/roadkill/


  4. From the wonderful title to the funny last line, and everything in between — simply hilarious!–Janhttp://janmorrill.wordpress.com/2012/07/13/flashfriday-fictioneers-the-ugly-one/


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