Fuzzy Headed

This week’s story weighs in at 127 words, classifying it as Featherweight as opposed to the Mini Flyweight guideline of our guild.  But I figured, “Hey, if Perry can get away with it, so can I.”

I’ll be leaving for North Carolina before daylight Thursday morning and won’t return until after 10 pm Friday night. So, I’m apologizing in advance for not replying to your comments or visiting other author’s blogs in a timely manner, but will do my best to catch up over the next twelve weeks.

If you are new to Friday Flash Fiction, the bouncer responsible for maintaining order in this establishment is Bella “Bone Crusher” Wisoff-Fields. To learn how to participate in this weekly exercise in madness, head over to her blog for instructions. After which, scroll down to the blue In links critter and follow the links to other author’s blogs.

Copyright Ted Strutz
Copyright Ted Strutz

“Ma’am, I’m going to have to cut you off.”

“Whaddya mean? I just got here.”

“Well, I’m sure it seems that way. Time really flies when you’re having fun.”

“Who said I was having fun? There’s more life at the county morgue than in this dump.”

“Now, now . . . let’s not get testy and resort to name calling. You can stay until you sober up—as long as you behave yourself.”

“Sober up? I haven’t ordered yet.”

“Ma’am, you were fuzzy-headed the moment you walked in. Now the whole room is blurry and starting to spin. You’re clearly intoxicated.”

“Who is this guy?” she asked the waitress.

“That’s Joe. He always stops in for a few shots before work.”

“What does he do?”

“Brain surgery.”


26 thoughts on “Fuzzy Headed

  1. Dear Brain Surgeon,
    I think I got lost in the shuffle in this conversation. Needless to say, I think I’d rather be operated on by Jethro Bodine than this guy. All my best to you in your travels.
    Bella TBC


  2. Ohh Russell, you really do need a holiday. This is the craziest one yet. I’m so glad I don’t need brain surgery ‘cos I’m completely normal 🙂
    One thing is for certain…Rochelle need never think up an alter-ego for herself 😉


  3. Really funny, and really good…didn’t catch on that the man was a customer–and a drunk one at that–until he tried to blame the woman for the room getting blurry 🙂 Gotta watch out for those brain surgeons!


  4. Nice twist midway through the conversation, and she does look like someone you’d prefer to see in an intoxicated state,although I guess it isn’t quite 2:00 A.M. yet! And no, Russell, I don’t get away with running over the 100 word count week after week. I may get away with it here in Friday Fictioneers, but in my actual life I get punished plenty! Believe it!


      1. Well, I don’t remember that particular skit but I certainly remember Foster Brooks who played the best drunk man ever. (Catherine Ohara is the best woman drunk ever imho) I’ll have to see if it’s on Youtube! Hope you had a good trip and I trust there wasn’t a brain surgeon anywhere near the cockpit!


  5. Obviously, this is from the “oh-crap-I-am-SO-wasted” department. I thought of Red Skelton’s Guzzler’s Gin routine (‘You tried Guzzler’s Gin? It comes in two sizes. Get the college size … one bottle, you’re in class by yourself!”) and the perspective was WAY off the beaten path for this guy! Hilarious, as usual. Hope Bella Bonecrusher didn’t break your stride!!! 😀


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