Killer Whales Attack KC

As a fledgling writer, I was often chastised for the use of “weak” verbs. My sentences were the proverbial 67 lb. weaklings who got sand kicked in their face by the bullies at the critique group.

Then I heard about Damitol. You may remember ads for this wonderful product (see below). Just one Damitol tablet before writing and my sentences come roaring out ready to kick the crap out of the harshest critic who dared challenge the strength of my verbs. Trust me, if a two-bit hack like me can earn the respect of editors and publishers, imagine what it can do for you.

If you’re new to Friday Flash Fiction, the Verb & Noun Tamer of our 100 Word Circus is Hermione Melville Wisoff-Fields. If you’d like to participate in this exercise of madness, head over to her blog for step-by-step instructions. To view the FFF Hollywood Squares Authors Block click here.

copyright - C.E. Ayr
copyright – C.E. Ayr

Kansas City, MO – A pod of Killer Whales came ashore earlier this week, leaving in their wake a path of destruction from Riverside to Kauffman Stadium.

“We’ve never seen anything like this,” said Missouri Wildlife Officer Ishmael Starbuck. “Why they chose to target the mid-west is difficult to fathom.”

Biologist Ahab Queequeg sites addiction as the cause. “The leader of the pod, Toby Dick, is obsessed with purple. He’s been known to devour tons of grapes, plums, and even listen to Purple Rain (sick bastard).”

The pod appears to be headed for the sleepy bedroom community of Belton, the internationally recognized epicenter of Purple.






43 thoughts on “Killer Whales Attack KC

  1. I planned to give you 9 out of 10 for this funny piece until I perceived that you were in fact mocking our majestic leader, guiding light and inspiration.
    So I will give you 11.


  2. I am killing myself laughing here, Russell! I swear, you are nuts! And I keep coming back for more. What’s better? The intro or the story? I hadn’t heard the Damitol thing in ages. Thanks for bringing it back!


  3. I fell foooorrrr The Leader of the Pod. Love that bad-boy attitude, but Purple? Must have been the Damitol. I guess the whales had to move inland, seeing as how the east coast is already taken by the sharks.


  4. Dear Ishmael,

    I could have sworn I left a comment earlier but the killer whales must have deleted it. At first I thought that was a real advertisement but you can imagine my distraction with the prospect of killer whale attacking my sleepy little community. I cried ’til I laughed. 😉 Oh I found an online source for Damitol and I’m going to buy a case. I hope this comment reaches you.

    Shalom from my purple haze,



    1. Dear Hermione,
      Have Jan break out the whale repellant and perhaps get a couple of harpoons ready. I can just hear you screaming, “Thar she blows!” as a lavender spray spews from Toby’s blowhole. You’ll love the Damitol, just look out for the side effects.
      – Ishmael


  5. By the end of your story, I was thanking the Powers That Be that I live all the way across the state line from Belton. It may also help that Olathe is the epicenter of all things turquoise. Will our dear Rochelle escape the wrath of the great orca on the lam?



  6. Haha! I bet that Damitol had the potential to be addictive. Uh oh! They must be headed for Rochelle’s blog next. Oh, this is so funny and clever. Is Toby cousins with Moby? A relative perhaps? Great story, Russell.


  7. Well, good! I’m here in PA and I don’t even know where Riverside and Kauffman Stadium are. I think Rochelle may in a little greater danger … Wait! I see. So then you and I will take over Friday Fictioneers and our fame and fortune is assured! How much does she get paid anyway? Oh. Call off the sharks.


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