Lucy in the Sky – Book Review

I don’t normally post book reviews. In fact, this is the first since I covered Dick & Jane back in 2012. As you may recall they went on a bicycle ride accompanied by their dog, Spot. For me, it was an exciting and unfortgetable adventure. However, I’m here to tell you that Lucy in the Sky by John Vorhaus is even better.

My first introduction to Mr. Vorhaus was a book entitled The Comic Toolbox. His writing credits include episodes of The Wonder Years, Head of the Class, and Married . . . with Children. I thought to myself, anyone who writes that much humor can’t be all bad–so I decided to order one of his novels. I’m glad I did.

by John Vorhaus

Lucy in the Sky

It’s the late 1960s and Gene Steen is a 15yr-old boy growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His is the prototypical “Father Knows Best” Midwestern family and life is pretty predictable.

That is until his long-lost cousin, Lucy, shows up on their doorstep. She is pert, sassy, sexy, and hip beyond his wildest dreams. Gene is blown away by her “coolness” and idolizes her on many different levels, including her worldly knowledge and personal philosophy. With Lucy’s help, Gene learns to “question reality” and the importance of taking a stand for the things you really believe in.

But Lucy also has a past. And a dark secret that she can’t hide from—even in Milwaukee. Soon she is on the run with Gene by her side and the tempo escalates to a stunning conclusion.

Lucy in the Sky is a fast-paced story with more twists and turns than a drunken snake in a bowl of spaghetti. The book is true to the realities of the era while delivering an uplifting message about personal power and believing in one’s self.

It’s a great coming-of-age story that anyone can appreciate, especially those of us who lived through that era. To learn more about the author, or order one of his books, simply visit

12 Comments on “Lucy in the Sky – Book Review

    • Believe it or not, when Lucy & Gene are on the run they head for Canada. I suppose they were going to hole up at your place till the heat was off.


      • Well poor them… whilst they are more than welcome, this heat is life-sucking…. they may prefer to make their way further north…


    • Hopefully you’ll like Criminal Mimes even better (if I can ever finish it).
      I really enjoyed this book. I like to read other humor writers to see what little tricks I can pick up from them. This book also has some scenes with sex and drugs–so I’m sure you’d like it too.

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  1. Dear Gene Shazbat,

    Nice review of a book about the time some of us may or may not remember. Your review whets my appetite to read this book. I’m a bit fearful of Criminal Mimes however. I’ll put my autographed copy in my invisible box when it comes out.



    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Shelley (with two “e”s)

      This is a great book. Reading it was sort of like having a flashback, you remember those, I’m sure. Criminal Mimes is coming along nicely–even if I am only on page 49. The mime is about to do her act at the grocery store for the Grand Re-opening. I wonder how that’s going to work out? Let’s hope she leaves the invisible box at home for that performance.

      Happy reading,
      Gene Shazbat


      • Dear Gene Shazbat,

        True story. Some years ago a friend who worked at the post office hired me to entertain patrons on April 15. He thought a mime would cheer up the deadline tax payers.




      • Dear Shelley,

        I’m glad you decided to come clean and confess. How many bags of dead letters did you pilfer while at the P.O.? Obviously, this is just the kind of info Detective Lowry needs to convince his boss to continue the mime hunt.

        I would’ve loved to seen the expressions on those deadline tax payer’s faces when they walked in and were greeted by a mime. 🙂

        Gene Shazbat


  2. A good review, Russell. You don’t do many reviews so you must have really enjoyed this book. We’re all still waiting for your “Criminal Mimes” though. 😀 — Suzanne

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