Music from Little Pink

Those of you from the Baby Boomer generation may remember of an album entitled “Music From Big Pink” by The Band.  It was recorded in the basement of a rental in West Saugerties, New York.  The most popular track on this album was The Weight, which topped out at #63 on the American charts and #21 in the UK. This song’s popularity was partially due to its inclusion in the movie Easy Rider.

What you’re about to learn is the story of two lesser known musicians who attempted to emulate The Band’s success  by recording their own album  in a renovated outhouse near Stony Point, Virginia.

If you’re new to Friday Flash Fiction, the conductor of our orchestra of story weavers is Roberta Zimmerman Wisoff-Fields.  If you’d like to participate in this exercise in madness, head over to her blog for step-by-step instructions. To view the FFF  Hollywood Squares Authors Block click here.

copyright - Dawn Landau
copyright – Dawn Landau

Zeke and Virgil spent all morning mixing paint. Pink was hard to come by in their neck of the woods, but a tablespoon of fire-engine red in a gallon of white had rendered a such nauseating color that even the makers of Pepto Bismol were green with envy.

They slopped two coats on their new “studio” and broke for lunch.

“What does Levon mean when he sangs ‘take a load off Fanny?’” asked Zeke.

“Fanny means your butt, dumbass.” Virgil mumbled between mouthfuls of pinto beans and raw onion.

The boys listened to the playback of their first recording and flicked their Bics in enthusiastic approval.

A small cassette player was found miles from the explosion. Flatulence in A minor, written on the tape.


41 thoughts on “Music from Little Pink

  1. That was explosively witty, Russell. A descendant of Zeke or Virgil was riding on my train when I was commuting to The Grind Thursday morning. The aroma they emitted was so noxious I nearly keeled over. I wish I could have sniffed Pepto just counterbalance the rank odor filling the train.


  2. OMG! Russell! There’s so much to love about this! I’m torn between “makers of Pepto Bismal were green with envy” or “flicked their bics in enthusiastic approval” Both equally brilliant, I’ve decided.


  3. The boys should have ingested the original PB pink liquid instead of using a look-alike color to cover the walls–although, then there would have been no “hit” recording. A veritable masterpiece of creative thinking, Russell, suitable for a Caribbean Comfort Station.


  4. Hi Russell,
    I bet you’d like this book about The Band called Music From Big Pink by John Niven. He was their drug dealer during the period you mention. It’s at the Fayetteville Public Library if you’d like to give it a read. Ron


  5. From the start I was scrutinizing your narrative for mistakes; calling the state of Virginia my home for the past 30 years has made me defensive. I’m gonna let the pinto beans with raw onion slide, figuring you had to cut out “and mustard” to trim it to 100. The rest seems plausibly accurate.


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