Pelicans Hold White Supremacist Rally in NWA

GOSHEN, AR: Yesterday marked the return of the annual White Pelican Rally on Beaver Lake. Large flocks of the white fowl were spotted on White (of course) River between Pinhook and Neil’s Bluff.

Area merchants don’t expect much impact on the economy. “These birds are such tightwads,” said Greta P. Allendorf, owner of Cheap Thrills. “All they want to do is pig out at the free shad buffet on Beaver Lake and crap all over the shoreline.”

In response to the Pelican Rally, a murder of crows is staging a protest flight this Saturday. The Pink Flamingos have been invited to join in, but so far, no official word from the flamingos.


21 thoughts on “Pelicans Hold White Supremacist Rally in NWA

    1. Where the hell have you been? They were squawking up a storm yesterday, looking for a Jew to poop on and you’re nowhere to be found.

      BTW – Rochelle mentioned you in her FFF post this week. Better go check it out. Your public misses you.


  1. Here in our land we have a family that displays a perfect blend of black and white. A species totally unmoved by appearances, they will treat you the same if you’re white, black or pink or green. They kowtow to no ethnicity or gender —or lack thereof. Granted, the Moufette family is somewhat overbearing at times. One of the clan dug itself in under our trailer lately and treated an unwelcome visitor most disrespectfully last night around midnight. We got the fallout — or updraft. 😦


  2. I heard about this but was under the assumption that since they were pelicans they would be brief. But I suppose it doesn’t take long for groups like these to, as you say, crap up a shoreline, I’m sorry Russell, but I think you have to take some responsibility here if this turns out to be a MAJOR incident. After all the original prompt was mynah. 😉

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    1. Boy, you’re on a roll this morning, Dawn. In fact you have me rolling with laughter. I swear, your comment is ten times funnier than my post. Thanks so much for bringing some humor to an otherwise serious situation.

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