BIG Time

On my way home yesterday, I received a blessing (and I’m not even Catholic). A man driving a flat-bed truck had lost a rear wheel in the middle of Don Tyson Parkway. I stopped to see if I could be of any assistance, but two young black men had already arrived to save the day.… Read More BIG Time

Scab Bloggers

How many of you have seen the commercial that starts with the “Real People, Not Actors” disclaimer? What they’re really saying is the advertiser was too cheap to hire a professional spokesperson. Instead they rounded up a few stragglers from a Walmart parking lot and gave them each a hundred dollar bill to “Oouu” and… Read More Scab Bloggers

Rife for the Picking

Last Saturday, Jan Wayne Fields and I, along with his wife, Lil’ Whats-Her-Name, attended the February OWL meeting in Branson. In the afternoon session, a pair of esteemed editors critiqued submissions of opening paragraphs. The subject of grammar came up and both mentioned their aversion to writing with colons. Those who follow this blog know… Read More Rife for the Picking